CRM 2011 Video – Tailor Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online for your business

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There was an interesting blog and video on The Microsoft Dynamics CRM blog today, the video can be found on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM resource centre which is an excellent resource for CRM users.

The video talks about how easy it is for users to extend CRM 2011 and I agree that for form changes and adding fields CRM 2011 allows the user to easily and quickly change the user interface of CRM.  If the user wants to add more complex functionality to CRM then they can use the Microsoft Dynamic Marketplace to see what solutions have already been made which might meet their needs.

The benefit of the Microsoft Dynamics market place is the solutions are provided by Microsoft Partners and the solutions have been thourghly tested by a third party to ensure they are a very high standard before they can be sold to customers.

The next benefit is if a customer wants a bespoke solution then they can find a Microsoft Partner to work with to build the solution for them.  In this case it would be a company like Metaphorix and myself who would work with a customer to help customize CRM to fit their needs.

Overall it was an excellent video, short and informative


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