Metaphorix changes to help improve customer service and support

We would like to update you regarding the changes we have put in place over the last six month to beef up our support service for existing customers like you.

The main change is that Metaphorix now has a team of people in place that can focus on specific issues that you give us.

The new team is made up of the following Metaphorix personnel.

  • Debbie Clarke – Customer Account Manager
  • Liz van Heerden – Support Manager
  • Gemma Lewis – Project Resource Manager


Debbie Clarke – Customer Account Manager

Debbie provides a contact for all enquiries with the exception of help desk support calls. Any questions about extra functionality, commercial points for discussion and requests for general information can be directed to her.

She will be responsible for keeping you informed on product releases, showcasing third party products that may be of use to your business and facilitating education sessions to help improve your use of the NAV solution.

Keep an eye on your e-mail for the invitations.


Liz Van Heerden – Support Manager

Liz has had a role as a support person in the field until the recent changes.  She used to visit customers to help them get the most from their use of the system they have installed.

Now she has a new focus, working as our full-time Support Service Manager.

Service calls should still be placed with the help desk as usual, but Liz will now act as an escalation point for you should you feel you are not getting the right response from Support at any time. She has the authority to prioritise the support calls to ensure they get responded to properly.

She will also keep a watchful eye on the day-to-day call statistics to ensure we hit our contractual SLAs and we are responding to you in line with our contractual commitments.  These statistics can be made available to you on request.


Gemma Lewis – Project Resource Manager

Gemma joined Metaphorix to manage the allocation of all our resources to meet customer deadlines.

Her role is to schedule and organise the developers’ and consultants’ diaries. This allows them to concentrate on their current assignments safe in the knowledge that all other work is being managed by Gemma.

For customers that can be the scheduling of just an hour of development or a fully blown project over a period of time.

Gemma ensures that delivery dates are met and, should there be any delays, issues or risks, that she manages them and keeps you informed so you can plan accordingly within their business.


Please make a note of these points of contact for when you need help and assistance.



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