Special Summer Offers from Jet Reports

Jet Reports have announced a couple of special offers for existing customers of Jet that we thought you might be interested in.

For orders placed up to the close of play on June 21, 2013 you can get the following discounts from additional users and upgrades to the Enterprise version.

  • 15% off all licence purchases

This could include additional Designers, additional packs of Designers or an upgrade to your Viewers to the new Unlimited Viewers licence level.

  • £295 off plus a free Designer for all Jet Enterprise upgrades

Enterprise is the new company-wide version of Jet that offers a number of really important benefits.

  • 6 Pre-defined Cubes
  • a data warehouse tuned for reporting performance that supports multiple databases
  • Jet Data Manager offering a drag and drop interface for customising your data warehouse and cubes
  • advanced row level security
  • instant metrics, trending, and KPIs

And for all orders over £1,000 we’ll add a free day of installation and training.

To find out more, or to get a quote for your specific needs, simply email me at debbiec@metaphorix.co.uk and I’ll contact you directly.


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