Metaphorically Speaking – Edition 75 – Support Improvements

Following on from the Microsoft Satisfaction Survey (CSAT) and important feedback we received from our customers, we would like to let you know about some important changes we will be making.  Overall the customer results from the survey have been very positive but we are aware there is room for improvement. In this edition we would like to let you know about some changes we will be making to improve our service.

The improvements fall into two main areas – feedback on support calls and understanding your installation.

Support Communication

As I am sure you are aware, there are a large number of support calls logged with our help desk every day and we would like to ensure that, for every call received, you get a regular and informative update. So over the next few weeks all our customers will receive additional notifications regarding their support calls, as follows.

  • When we feel that we have answered a call, we will close it at our end.  But we wait for formal confirmation from you that you also believe that this call is closed before we close it fully.  From now on we will send an email to you 14 days after a support call has been internally closed. This is to remind you that we require confirmation from you that we can, indeed, formally close the call. This will ensure your support reports are kept to a minimum and show only ‘open’ calls.
  • We will be send an email 14 days after a development (FOB) has been released to request confirmation that you have tested and/or loaded the development object. This will help to ensure our copy of your database is up to date.
  • We will be providing new monthly standard support reports in PowerPivot that will show the call details in a graphical view but with the ability to drill down to the support call details.
  • We will provide the option of an automatic email notifying you of a change in the call status showing the NC reference, call description and status change.
  • We will provide you with an email template to log your support calls. This can be picked up via the ‘signature’ in your Outlook and will prompt you for important information that will help our support team to respond more efficiently.
  • As part of our feedback and reporting process we will regularly monitor support call SLAs to ensure we are responding within the assigned call category time frame.

 Knowing Your System

Some customers commented via the survey that they felt Metaphorix didn’t understand their systems and processes well enough. This is clearly important to you and so we want to make changes that will help us understand your systems better.  The starting point is understanding why we don’t know this information and how we get it.

When we first install your system we know exactly how it is set up and used.  However, over a long period of time that knowledge gets eroded.  In addition, if the system was set up by another reseller then we never get that basic understanding.  With over 100 installations to support it is quite a task to keep up to date with exactly how you use the system – and some customers have quite complex models of usage that do require detailed understanding if we are to make the right recommendations.

So without detailed knowledge our responses to your reported issues tends to be a rather standard and fixed approach.  We tackle the symptoms of any reported issue but do not see the underlying problem causing those symptoms.  In order to get closer to you and your systems we want to explore the options open to us and we want to hear your ideas on how this can happen..

We are currently thinking around setting up regular review meetings with you, about using our Refresh program (if you want details of this, please email me) or making greater use of TeamViewer to understand just how your system is set up.

To find out how you feel we can fix this best for you, we will send out a questionnaire to you all asking for suggestions. We would be very grateful if you would all respond to this as it would really help us to improve our service.

Once again I’d like to thank you all for responding to the survey and hopefully over the next few weeks we can take your suggestions on board.


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