Metaphorix workshops a great success in 2012

This year Metaphorix has run a number of successful free workshops which have been enthusiastically attended by many Metaphorix customers.

The workshops have been a great way for customers to learn about different products or parts of systems they are not currently and Metaphorix can help them implement.

The feedback we have received from the customer who attended the workshops has been very positive and most attendees were keen to attend other courses in the future.

Metaphorix have enjoyed putting on the workshops as it has been a great way to meet our customers in person and has been very enlightening seeing the different ideas people have about using and implementing the systems.

The attendees have also benefited by sharing ideas and experiences with each other because first hand experience is an excellent resource to plan your own systems.

Make sure to keep reading Metaphorically speaking and reading this blog to keep informed of more workshops in the new Year.

A special thanks to Liz Van Heerden for doing an excellent job of organising the workshops

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