What is Yammer and how should you use it

When I mention Yammer some people have no idea what it is, apart from something that sounds like a conversation between two black country folk.

With regards to CRM 2011 it’s basically a well polished and properly done version of activity feeds and as Microsoft purchased Yammer for $1.2 billion I fully expect Yammer to be integrated with CRM in a future release.

If you are really keen Yammer already has a CRM app but unfortunately it does cost, you can read more about that here


hopefully in the future Microsoft will bundle this into CRM, which will hopefully nullify another of Salesforces functionality benefits over CRM 2011.

What is Yammer – Quick Answer

The quick answer is Yammer is social networking for your company, a bit like a Facebook and twitter for a company.   Only company domain users can access the company Yammer site.

Yammer is designed for private communication for members of an organisation/company

What is the purpose/point of Yammer

The purpose of Yammer is to enable and improve efficiency regarding company communication, collaboration, file sharing, knowledge sharing and team efficiency.

The goal of using Yammer

  • One of the goals for of using Yammer is to reduce the amount of internal emails and meeting,
  • Information, articles, documents can be shared to groups of people e.g The company, sales, Developers etc
  • Another push from saving information on individuals computers/shared folders where this information cannot be easily found by other people.
  • Improved visibility of Metaphorix employees to employees
  • Collaboration

How should I use it/ First steps

  • Look at the news feeds (like something if its good)
  • Join some groups which interest you
  • Follow relevant people
  • Post information to a yammer group
  • The more people user Yammer the more useful it will be
  • Configure email notifications to ensure you don’t get loads

What would be good

  • Sales people to post quick posts on demo’s/engagements
  • Consultants to post a quick post
  • Developers/everyone to share interesting articles to the relevant groups
  • For people to use it

Point of interest

Microsoft purchased Yammer for $1.2 billion and will integrate it with CRM in a future release.

For a more detailed and well written explanation of Yammer read the benefits as described by Yammer themselves – https://www.yammer.com/solutions/

If you are wanting more below is a good article describing what the heck Yammer is


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