NAV 2013 Tech days, Windows 8 and Yammer

Technology and software updates have been causing excitement/frustration and discussion in Metaphorix over the last week.

Windows 8

People have started to updated to windows 8, which seems a lot a faster than the previously version of windows but does take a little bit of time to get used to (there’s no start button!).  The first impressions of Windows 8 is it looks fantastic and new interface is easy to use.  The one puzzling aspect is it does act like a tablet screen which means you can only have one application on screen at one time, this is great for tablets but not always ideal for desktops.

The developer who upgraded his windows 7 desktop had a very simple job taking under 2 hours to upgrade but the person who had to update their MAC had quite a task on their hand, which even involved visiting an Apple shop to get some help from someone known as Obi-Wan.  Obi-Wan used the force and we now have Windows 8 successfully running on a Mac.

Metaphorix are a Microsoft partner so it is important we keep up to date with the Microsoft product stack but by upgrading are internal computers early it helps Metaphorix understand and resolve any problems this might throw up and understand how Windows 8 works with the products Metaphorix’s sells and supports.

Already we have found a gotcha with Windows 8 and installing .NET 3.5, the full details are below in the Microsoft kb article

Error codes when you try to install the .NET Framework 3.5 in Windows 8 or in Windows Server 2012

NAV 2013

Metaphorix sent a few developers to the Nav Tech days conference which covered a lot of interesting development topics concerning NAV 2013

Below are some of the sessions

Session topics:

  • NAV on Azure (NAV deployment, Click once, administration, creating solutions, upgrade, new authentication model)
  • What’s new for data access in NAV2013
  • Web client & NAV portal framework
  • Dynamics NAV 2013 Reporting Story
  • New server capabilities: RTC NAS & Job queue, NAV Server admin tools & scripts, unicode, 64-bit
  • Scrum introduction (and how it’s used by the Microsoft Dynamics NAV team)
  • What is new in RTC (Filter variables,Grouping and Grid layout)
  • C/AL coding for performance in NAV2013
  • Writing C/AL unit tests efficiently with help of new tools
  • Best practices in development and design patterns
  • Web Services Black Belt – tips & tricks from the (battle)field
  • Understanding Blocks & Deadlocks – Theory and Practice

The developers said the sessions were very interesting and I am looking forward to a summary presentation later this week for the people who didn’t get to go to lovely Antwerp.

The last interesting development at Metaphorix is we are trying Yammer for internal messaging and sharing of useful information.

There are a lot of similar tools out there but Metaphorix chose to use Yammer because it has recently been brought by Microsoft and will hopefully be fully integrated into Microsoft Dynamic CRM 2011 (and beyond).

The main driver for wanting to use Yammer is reduce the amount of internal emails being sent because we have found this is not an efficient method of sharing information

Like most new pieces of software the trick is understanding how to use it to fit in your companies working ecosystem and processes, not to mention it can be difficult to change peoples working habits.

Finally the software and in this case Yammer has to give us some benefits and make it easier to consume and share information.

My first impression is Yammer seems to be a bit like an internal company twitter feed where you can create groups (twitter lists maybe or hashtag) which enables users to subscribe to groups (sales, developers, CRM, NAV, Support, etc etc) and share/receive information for certain groups.

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