Metaphorix Introduction to Dynamics CRM course was a great success

Yesterday Metaphorix ran the Back to Basics : An Introduction to Dynamics CRM course.  The course was an introductory course to give people an idea of how Dynamics CRM works in the areas of sales, marketing and services and gave a quick demonstration of dynamic CRM’s features.

The course was a free course to existing Metaphorix customers and the turn out was very good.  The course was an excellent introduction to customers who don’t currently use dynamics CRM and it was also a good overview for customers who do own it but for users who are not yet using it.

Below describes the areas covered by the course.

  • Deployment & purchase optionsl
  •      – On Premise
  •      – Hosted
  •      – CRM Online
  • An introduction to the interface(s)
  • Reporting & dashboards
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Service
  • The power of workflow (process automation)
  • Customisation at your fingertips

The course was run by Andy Patrick who did an amazing job of running through all the topics in the afternoon but it did leave the door open for future sessions focusing on areas such as marketing, sales or service.

The attendees were enthusiastic about the topics covered and interesting everyone seemed to have a different vision for using CRM and ideas were shared on current dynamic CRM usage.

The course was a big success and the only complaint I was someone complaining the course was too short.

I (Ben Hosking) popped in to watch a bit of the presentation, meet some of the customers I have only had the pleasure of speaking to on the phone and help answer any dynamic CRM questions.

Well done to Liz van Heerden for organising the event.


One thought on “Metaphorix Introduction to Dynamics CRM course was a great success

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