Metaphorically Speaking – Edition 56 – Customer Support Process

In this edition of Metaphorically Speaking we would like to remind you about our support processes and how our Customer Support Team operate.

Many of you are very familiar with our support process at Metaphorix but the following key points will help to ensure the logging and tracking of support calls is efficiently handled.

  1. Your call is logged and allocated a unique ‘NC’ log number.  This log number will be used to reference the call throughout its lifecycle. Where possible, always email us in the first instant so that we can log the exact nature of the call.
  2. Always use the unique NC reference in all communication with the support team, and ensure you include this reference in the subject header of your email. This will ensure we are giving you the right information and are dealing with your call efficiently. 
  3. Always use the specification document for modifications if this has been sent to you by the Customer Support Team. This ensures we develop to an agreed specification.
  4. Always load FOBs to you test system first and conduct second line testing to ensure you are happy with the modification delivered
  5. Inform the Customer Support Team when any objects have been loaded to your live database.
  7. Inform the Customer Support Team when a support call can be closed.
  8. Always ensure you commence your support call directly with the Support department. If you contact others in the company outside of the Customer Support Team you will not automatically receive an NC reference and the call will not be logged directly onto our system.

To read in more detail about our support procedures, please click on the following link.

 Metaphorix Customer Support


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