SQL Server 2012 is released and is compatible with CRM 2011

Microsoft are gearing up for the big new release later this year by releasing SQL Server 2012 and making it compatible with CRM 2011.  The link below goes into detail about the big release

Q2 2012 Service update

I would like to mention SQL Server 2012 is a RTC so I wouldn’t recommend doing this in your live environment and you should only consider trying this in a development setting.

The first link is from the excellent blog Dynamics CRM in the field, this is the blog written by Dynamics CRM service team and has some excellent technical information.  Click the link below to find links to SQL Server 2012


You need to be on at least rollup 6.

It also has some links to problems which might occur when upgrading to SQL Server 2012 – http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2686619

if you want to know what benefits you will get by using SQL Server 2012 with CRM 2011 then you can read the Microsoft blog below and it will show you the new reporting and other benefits


Personally I will be waiting until CRM 2011 and SQL Server 2012 has been tested a bit more thoroughly before I consider getting this up and running but releasing this to the CRM community will certainly speed things along.


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