Metaphorically Speaking – Edition 54 – The Microsoft Customer Satisfaction Survey (CSAT)

Some of you may remember that back in May 2011 we sent out an edition of Metaphorically Speaking entitled ‘The Microsoft Customer Satisfaction Survey’. Well the time has come round again for us to ask you for a bit of help to make sure we keep our Gold Partner status.

The survey, or CSAT, is part of the accreditation process and we couldn’t complete it without you. So we would like to ask you to respond to the survey for us and the details of it are explained in this edition of Metaphorically Speaking. Apart from this being an exercise that Microsoft insist we carry out, it is useful to us as we get to hear, anonymously, how our customers feel so we can keep doing the right things and stop doing any wrong ones.

So, even if you completed the survey last year, we would like to know again what you think. To find out how to complete the survey, how the survey is run to ensure fairness and anonymity and to learn how you could win the prize, download this edition.  Good luck!

CSAT Survey


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