Object reference not set to an instance of an object error when copy maps for the CRM/NAV Connector

Currently at Metaphorix we have a lot of projects which need some synchronisation between CRM and NAV.  The CRM/NAV connector is a free solution from Microsoft (free to partners I think) but it can take a bit of time to learn about configuring the CRM/NAV connector and resolving some of the errors it throws up.

Today I was trying to copy a map from one installation of the CRM/NAV connector to another one.  After I had created the new map from file I was then getting this error when I tried to open the CRM/NAV Connector

“Object reference not set to an instance of an object”

The  error above is it doesn’t really give you an indication what exactly is wrong, so I had to go searching on the internet for some answers

If you search for the problem you will find a microsoft page – Trouble: integrating the connector

Resolving issues when reinstalling Microsoft Dynamics NAV and starting the Connector for Microsoft Dynamics

When you reinstall Microsoft Dynamics NAV and then try to start the Connector for Microsoft Dynamics, you may see the following message:

Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

To resolve this error, enable the Connector in Microsoft Dynamics NAV, verify that Microsoft Dynamics NAV web services are turned on, and then start the Connector for Microsoft Dynamics again.

This didn’t solve the problem because the web service was running.

The solution to the problem I found on this blog page


Basically the problem was caused when I created a map from file, it had created rows on the MSDI database (the database the connector uses) with nulls in the columns ReaderBinder and WriterBinder

Thank fully the blog page above supplies the solution

  1. Open SQL Management Studio for server where NAV Connector database was installed
  2. Find Maps table in MSDI database
  3. Open Maps table in Edit mode
  4. Delete all records where ReaderBinder and WriterBinder is NULL

Another problem I had after this was one CRM/NAV connector integration could import maps from file and another one couldn’t.

so I had to import them into one and then copy them to the other.

I have to say I have spent days trying to configure the connector and searching for solutions to mysterious problems.

The connector might be free to download but it costs you a lot in time trying to work out how to configure it and why it’s not working.


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