Metaphorix new website is live

Metaphorix has a brand new website so please have a look

The website now looks fantastic and is considerably faster than the previous website, we have also used the opportunity to update the contents.

There is now a link on the website to all the social media channels Metaphorix uses to interact with customers and potential customers, these can be found on the news page.

For those of you who have twitter accounts you can follow Metaphorix on twitter!/meta_tweets

It has a mix of Microsoft Dynamic NAV and CRM links and tweets from the employees of Metaphorix.


Interesting CRM 2011 articles

Some interesting CRM 2011 Blog posts

The first one is how to get CRM 2011 running on Virtualbox.  The reason you might want to do this is because at the moment Hyper V only works on Server 2008, which means you cannot run vitual machines on your PC (easily), not to mention Virtualbox is free.

An blog page on how to set up remote debugging for CRM 2011

Other blog posts  on remote debugging which might be useful

CRM 2011 – how to set up Remote debugging for plugins

CRM 4 – Remote debugging not working – things to check

Remote Debugging in ASP.NET

I would also say you can debug your plugins using the new functionality in the plugin registration tool.  It comes under profiling and it takes a little bit of time to get your head around how it should work but it does allow you to step through the plugin code, once it has  run, so you replay the plugin execution and step through your code.  If you want to do that check out the links below

on the debugging theme – debugging sandboxed plugins

Another good blog post – How to add RSS feeds to a CRM 2011 Dashboard

Tthe CRM software blog hinting that cross browser support is coming soon!!

what should a sales pipeline looklike

Brad Wilson CRM GM steps down

Creating services and selection rules in CRM 2011

Rollup 6 for CRM 2011 is available again

The Microsoft Field engineering blog has added the update to the new version of Rollup 6 for CRM 2011.  It also has a list of all the releases so far which is very useful

CRM 2011 UR #

Release date and Download Center URL

Release date – Microsoft Update

Build number

Knowledge Base article

PFE Blog

PFE Podcast











5.0.9688.1155, 5.0.9688.1157 (server)













Will not be released to Microsoft Update


























The blog also has instructions for people who had installed Rollup 6, If I understand the paragraph correctly it says you have to uninstall CRM 2011 and then install it again because you cannot patch Rollup 6.


If you did new installs with the Update Rollup 6 “slipstream” packages that were released (these would be the packages that include the full install bits as well as Update Rollup 6) you will get an error trying to patch those components to the new Update Rollup 6 build.  This Knowledge Base article describes the issue: .  This Knowledge Base article is live, as well as the updated Update Rollup 6 KB article:


The only workaround is to reinstall if you happened to use the Update Rollup 6 slipstream builds.  For server you can connect to existing databases on the reinstall.  The reinstall goes for any of the components that you installed with the Update Rollup 6 slipstream builds, (Client, Router, etc.).  If you do not reinstall you will not be able to patch to the re-released Update Rollup 6 packages or future Update Rollups, as Update Rollup 6 represents a new baseline.


The NAV/CRM Connector Feature Pack 7 is available

I’m a bit late reporting this (because I wasn’t aware) but there has been a new release of the CRM/NAV connector and we are now on Feature Pack 7.

You can find all about the release on the Microsoft blog site here

if you just want the download link then you have to partner source member but go here

They have also updated the connector documentation

Connector for Microsoft Dynamics installation guides

The high level summary taken from the blog site above.

  • Source level filtering (ability to limit the integrated records retrieved from the source based on user defined criteria)
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 adapter – this adapter now supports Internet Facing Deployment / claims-based authorization / SSL / Office 365 CRM
  • Microsoft Dynamics SL 2011 adapter (supports Contacts and Customers)
  • Splitting of documentation into install and deployment and ERP specific customization documents
  • Changing the EULA to allow for integrations to and from a single microsoft Dynamics product (previous versions required that two Microsoft Dynamics products were being integrated using Connector for Microsoft Dynamics)

Dont install CRM 2011 Rollup 6

CRM 2011 Rollup 6 was meant to be released on January 12th and was available for a short period of time before being taken and the current status is you cannot download Rollup 6.

You can learn more about the current status of Rollup 6 on the blog post

CRM 2011 – what is happening with rollup 6

This means there are some problems with rollup 6, rumoured to possibly be linked with the outlook synchronisation, the rumour also comes with a release date of 24th January.

The reason you should not install rollup 6 is because it cannot uninstalled, so it’s best to wait until the new release of rollup 6 is available.

Object reference not set to an instance of an object error when copy maps for the CRM/NAV Connector

Currently at Metaphorix we have a lot of projects which need some synchronisation between CRM and NAV.  The CRM/NAV connector is a free solution from Microsoft (free to partners I think) but it can take a bit of time to learn about configuring the CRM/NAV connector and resolving some of the errors it throws up.

Today I was trying to copy a map from one installation of the CRM/NAV connector to another one.  After I had created the new map from file I was then getting this error when I tried to open the CRM/NAV Connector

“Object reference not set to an instance of an object”

The  error above is it doesn’t really give you an indication what exactly is wrong, so I had to go searching on the internet for some answers

If you search for the problem you will find a microsoft page – Trouble: integrating the connector

Resolving issues when reinstalling Microsoft Dynamics NAV and starting the Connector for Microsoft Dynamics

When you reinstall Microsoft Dynamics NAV and then try to start the Connector for Microsoft Dynamics, you may see the following message:

Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

To resolve this error, enable the Connector in Microsoft Dynamics NAV, verify that Microsoft Dynamics NAV web services are turned on, and then start the Connector for Microsoft Dynamics again.

This didn’t solve the problem because the web service was running.

The solution to the problem I found on this blog page

Basically the problem was caused when I created a map from file, it had created rows on the MSDI database (the database the connector uses) with nulls in the columns ReaderBinder and WriterBinder

Thank fully the blog page above supplies the solution

  1. Open SQL Management Studio for server where NAV Connector database was installed
  2. Find Maps table in MSDI database
  3. Open Maps table in Edit mode
  4. Delete all records where ReaderBinder and WriterBinder is NULL

Another problem I had after this was one CRM/NAV connector integration could import maps from file and another one couldn’t.

so I had to import them into one and then copy them to the other.

I have to say I have spent days trying to configure the connector and searching for solutions to mysterious problems.

The connector might be free to download but it costs you a lot in time trying to work out how to configure it and why it’s not working.

Update Rollup 6 for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 is available

The new rollup release for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 is released and ready for download

To download the latest rollup, click the link below

The support page is here

like the last release it has an interesting warning

Note Update Rollup 6 cannot be removed. Specific database updates are applied in Update Rollup 6 that will not let you uninstall Update Rollup 6. You should back up your databases before you install this update.

This was the same warning as the last rollup.  In some ways this is heartening because any major errors and they will have to be fixed very quickly because people won’t be able to roll back.  I also can’t really remember many major problems with rollups




NAV/CRM Connector – Customer_No was not found

Metaphorix has a number of implementations using the CRM/NAV connector and sometimes it can throw up some very unusual errors.

The lastest error was complaining about a Customer_No was not found when trying to sync a customer card in NAV to an Account in CRM.

Initially I thought this was the customer number on the customer card but I could see that existed and I could see it existed in the webservices.

I created  a brand new map between customer card and account with the minimum amount of information.  It was still complaining about the customer no not existing.

I eventually found this page

It was going on about a customer number not existing in the ship to address.  I thought this can’t possible be the reason why my simple integration which only had one map which did the customer card and the account.

but I when I added the customer_no onto the ship to address (page 300) and then run the configure microsoft dynamics nav utility in the adapter settings (to refresh the mapping files) it then worked

this highlights the problems with you can have with the connector, things which are not seemingly relevant to the map you are working on can cause you problems.

when is a page an internet page and not an intranet page

Whilst investigating connection/authentication problems with a CRM/NAV connector setup I found a very interesting piece of knowledge.

The scenario was I was trying to access the NAV web services


the above worked

but when I put in the full name e.g computer name and domain


then it would pop a login window and I would have to put in my username and password.

The question is why was this happening, the services were on.

You might be wondering why this information is useful or important but it could be the reason why a program can’t access a webpage or webservice because internet explorer thinks it is an internet page when it’s actually on the server and is an intranet page.

The reason Internet explorer thought this page was an internet page was because it had a dot or period in it then it thinks it’s an internet page and not an intranet page.

I found this out on this page and this description

What’s the difference between the Internet and an intranet?

One difference between the Internet and an intranet is the way pages are addressed. On the Internet, webpages typically are addressed through a full domain name, such as Depending on how the administrator has configured the network, the domain name is usually not needed to access intranet sites and many webpages can be accessed by typing a common name (for example, http://companypictures/). If intranet security is enabled, Internet Explorer will recognize the difference between the addresses and use the appropriate security zone settings.

So if you find yourself getting authorisation errors and HTTP Error 401 Unauthorized then one thing you should check is to see if internet explorer thinks the page is an internet page.

To get round this in internet explorer you need to add the url of the page to Local intranet in Internet options –> security –> local Intranet.