Cannot sign in to Lync – problem acquiring a personal certificate

I’m sure there are lots of Microsoft resellers who have moved to to office 365 and now suddenly have Lync on your desktops.

Metaphorix are now activily using Lync to communicate with workers working from home, group conference calls and quick messages rather than sending emails.  I will stress that if the person is in the building we do prefer to get up off our desks and talk face to face.

today I got an error with Lync saying it couldn’t acquire a personal certificate and thus couldn’t sign in.







Here are some instructions to resolve this problem

  1. Kill communicator in the Task manager
  2. Go to C:\Users\hosk\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Communicator (substitute your username in place of hosk)
  3. Open the sub folder sip_<username>@<companyname< (again replace <username> with your own userid).  An example of mine was
  4. Delete the file EndpointConfiguration.cache
  5. Restart Lync from the program list / start button

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