A Chance to see Microsoft Dynamics NAV “7” pre-release

For anyone interested in the up and coming release of Microsoft Dynamics Nav 7 then this blog post might be of interest of interest to you.  I received an interesting internal email at Metaphorix with a link to Directions EMEA 2012.

It’s from the Directions EMEA 2012 which is a member conference dedicated to NAV and is held in Rome on the 25-27th April, which the countdown tells me is 123 days away.

The conference is going to have a NAV 7 Pre release which will showcase Nav 7.  A pre release is a release before a beta so it will be in a very raw state and no feedback will be taken.

It’s a good opportunity for Nav users to get a look at NAV 7, so if you want to have a look at it then book up a place.  I’m not sure if Metahphorix will have anyone attending yet but I’m sure we will have more details on it later.
Click here to visit the Metaphorix homepage to see how Metaphorix uses Microsoft Dynamics CRM and NAV and other products and services.


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