updating all security roles and applying a security role to all users in CRM 2011

sometimes when you create a new entity and access the system as Admin you forgot you need to change the security roles to add access to the new entity.

it can be quite a hassle to edit all the security roles to add the correct privileges to all the different security roles.  So you might find this tool useful – Role Updater for Microsoft Dynamic CRM 2011.  This tool and the other CRM 2011 tools shows the value of allowing developers to access values through code, they end up creating lots of free tools for you.

there is another way around this, you can create a new security role and then add this security role to the users you want to access the new entity or you might want to apply this security role to everyone.

I was in this scenario because I wanted to give everyone the new Activity feeds role but how can I give multiple users the same security role.

The answer is

Go to SETTINGS -> Administration -> Users

You will then see a list of users and at the top of the screen you can see a manage roles button

If you press the manage roles you can then select the security roles you want to give to all the selected users.


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