CRM – Blending in an iFrame

I had to write a web application to select an excel file and use it to upload products to an order.

I decided to do this using a aspx page and the trusty file loader, so this would mean I would use an iFrame to show the button.  Well I had two choices I think, I could have had an iFrame popup in a seperate window or have an iFrame embedded in the order form.

I decided to go to user the order form but I wanted to blend in my iFrame so it didn’t look completely different.  I saved the global.css file used by CRM Dynamics (you can do this by opening CRM and pressing F12, you can download the css file from here) so I could use the correct colours.  The one problem I had was I could’t find the very light blue.

In the end I had to use a program called Instant Eye Dropper which basically finds the colour of anything it hovers over.

The pesky colour was


The result doesn’t look too bad, it does look a little bit different but overall it’s a pretty good effort.  The iFrame is the line browse and Load products line

The example was done in CRM 4 but it should be the same for CRM 2011


2 thoughts on “CRM – Blending in an iFrame

  1. The SDK for CRM 4 has a comprehensive document called “CRM4 UX Design guide” which has all the information you need about colours, borders, sizes, spacing, fonts etc to make your custom solutions “blend in” as much as possible for a consistent look and feel.

    A pretty good job nonetheless, although your fonts could do with tidying up a bit for example. From memory this should always be Tahoma 11pt.

    In the CRM2011 SDK this info is now in a folder called “styleguide” with a bunch of navigable html files in, which can be easier to work with. Some colours have changed, and if users use CRM in Outlook you may have to try and honour their chosen theme of silver, blue or black too.

    • thanks for the comment, very useful. It seems I have learnt the hard way and now you helping me with the easier way.

      Amazing really how much there is to learn about Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Everyday is a school day.

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