CRM 4 – List of CRM 4 addons

Although CRM 4 might have been upstaged by CRM 2011 and some of the functionality of some of the addon’s been incorporated into CRM 2011 there will still be a lot of users of CRM 4.

This is a very comprenehsive list of CRM 4 addon’s

The author has also very helpfully grouped the addon’s into groups as shown below with a small part of the list


E-mail Marketing


  • Event2CRM – hosted application that provides event planning, promotion and tracking features from within Dynamics CRM
The website/blog also has another section with CRM 4 tools which you can find here

Documenting Customisations

  • CRM Documentation Generator – useful Excel 2007/2010 add-on that turns a customization.xml file into an Excel spreadsheet complete with forms, sections, fields, picklist options and JavaScript. More IT professional-oriented than the CRM Forms Reporter.
  • CRM Forms Reporter – useful Word 2007/2010 add-on that turns a customization.xml file into a Word document describing forms, sections, fields and picklist options. More user-oriented that the CRM Documentation Generator.
  • Export JavaScript from CRM – exports all form-based active OnLoad, OnSave and OnChange custom JavaScript to a file. Useful for JavaScript version control.

Troubleshooting CRM

  • CRM Diagnostic Tool – simplifies turning DevErrors on/off, enabling/disabling tracing and generating a troubleshooting file for Microsoft Support.
  • Stunnware Trace Log View – parses the trace log files generated by CRM making them easier to read so you can pinpoint errors more easily.

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