CRM 2011 – Comparing Marketing and Quick Campaigns

A fantastic blog post from Gonzalo Ruiz about the differences between marketing campaigns and quick campaigns.  This is type of question the Metaphorix customers ask and this table should provide a quick and easy summary of the changes.

Quick campaigns should be used to quickly create a campaign which doesn’t involve tracking the results in a detailed way and is just one activity.

The advantage of Marketing campagins is the number of out of the box reports and the ability to have multiple activities.

Marketing Campaigns
Quick Campaigns
Campaign activities
Can distribute multiple activities
Can only distribute one activity
Several built-in reports are available out of the box
No built-in reports available
Can save campaigns as templates and create campaigns from templates
Cannot use templates with quick campaigns.
Can track financial information and measure ROI
No financial information tracked/ROI.
Can create multiple planning activities associated with the campaign
No planning activities can be created / associated.
Products / Price Lists
Can associate target products and price lists
Cannot associate target products or price lists

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