Zetadocs for NAV – Proof of Delivery

Equisys is a company we at Metaphorix work closely with and sell and implement the Zetadocs product.

One of the features of Zetadocs for Nav is the proof of delivery functionality.  Equisy have a pdf file highlighting the advantages of this functionality which you can read here 

One of the benfits of Zetadocs for Microsoft Dynamics NAV is the ease in which it can create electronic documents for various business documents.  A proof of delivery document can be very important for companies and is often a physical document which is only available to one department/location of the business and is difficult for other people to find.

Zetadocs can easily create an a electronic copy of this document and make it searchable so it is easy to find by any department in the company.  The benefits of this functionality are

The benefits of Zetadocs

Speed dispute resolution

by ensuring that the right people have access to the right documents at the right time.

Increase efficiency and reduce costs

with automated document archiving and instant, on-screen access.

Ensure the integrity and security of your documents

by electronically storing documents for back-up.

Ease compliance with legal regulations and quality standards

through automatic archiving and indexing of documentation.

If you are interesting in Zetadocs please contact Metaphorix to find out more details


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