White Paper – CRM Vendor Pricing: A Comparative Analysis

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I saw a blog about a white paper today from Accent Gold and the white paper was comparing CRM systems Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Sugar, SalesLogix, Salesforce, ACT and SageCRM.

You can read the whole white paper here

It’s interesting to see how competitive priced Microsoft Dynamics CRM was despite all the functionality that is included and not factoring in all the development Microsoft are currently doing.  This is good new for Metaphorix because we a Microsoft Dynamics CRM reseller.

You can summarise the findings with this graph

 Click here to visit the Metaphorix homepage to see how Metaphorix uses Microsoft Dynamics CRM and NAV and other products and services.





One thought on “White Paper – CRM Vendor Pricing: A Comparative Analysis

  1. Nice graph, but it’s not a fair comparison. You cannot compare CRM 2011 with SFDC Enterprise or unlimited editions. It’s like comparing a house (MS CRM) with a house + pool + tennis court + guest resort + 3-car-garage + 50 acre garden (SFDC Enterprise+).

    Add the pool, tennis court etc. (CMS, Social collaboration, portal features, CTI integration, reporting etc.) to MS CRM 2011 and price will be much higher (and I am not even taking development time into account). It’s all included in SFDC EE.

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