Tips on Successfull implementation of ERP projects

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I found the ERP Softwareblog today and it has lots of excellent ERP articles.

6 Must Ask Questions when interviewing ERP implementation firms

It also had this very interesting article ERP Software Implementation Do’s and Don’ts.

Some of the Do’s and Dont’s listed below offer some great advice to people.  Metaphorix uses the Microsoft Sure Step methodology to ensure we fully research and comprehensive gather the requirements of project.  Sure Step also helps get the Clients users integrated into the project and gets their support and commitment into the project.

I would highlight the don’t rush it approach because there are always things which will crop up that you don’t expect.  You need to give yourself and the clients employees time to get use to a new ERP system, functionality and often a completely new way of working.

Training is also very important because you need to empower the users so they feel comfortable with the new software and get encouraged by the potential of the new system.

Here is the list of do’s and dont’s and here is the original article, I recommend you go to the blog here


  • Research extensively. You should realize this may take some
    time and a proper research strategy to define exactly what solution is right for your business. There is a vast amount of resources online, so what are you waiting for? Get started!
  • Work with a partner. Ask around, get referrals, and
    interview your top candidates. A partner can help you avoid the mistakes of implementations as well as help you benefit from best practices they’ve already found to be successful.
  • Take your time. ERP implementation is a case where patience
    is a virtue. You will benefit from taking your time in the business process review and along the way to avoid mistakes that could cost you in the long run.
  • Train, train, and train. Some companies try to cut corners
    by cutting out training for their employees. This is almost always a mistake as it lessens the user adoption throughout their company and greatly decreases their return on investment. Don’t underestimate the power of ERP software training!


  • Make assumptions. Assuming your CEO is on board or that you
    know what your accounting department needs in terms of a solution can get you in big trouble. Make sure to check around, create concrete plans with others to back you up.
  • Get impatient. This is when mistakes creep in. If you’re in
    a hurry to get things done, you will miss important items along the
  • Forget about your budget or timeline. You should have this
    defined with your software partner early in the process. Do everything in your power to stick to what you planned to save money and time.
  • Ignore upgrades, updates or announcements from your
    . Even once the implementation is complete, you need to make sure and stay up to date to get the most out of your solution. It’s easy to put it in the back of your mind, but make it a regular habit to do checks on your system.

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