How to run msi files as an Administrator

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When installing software onto customer servers I often find myself in the situation where my login is not the Administrator user.

With Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 you often have to be the Administrator to run the install files.

MSI files can be quite tricky to install because if you right click on them you cannot choose to run them as Administrator because all they pop up with is Install/Repair etc.

So how do you run this files as an Administrator?

I have if you open a command prompt as Administrator, which means all the actions you do within the command prompt have the security setting of Administrator.

If you cannot see the command prompt then you can search for “cmd” in the programs and you should then see the program cmd.exe.

I copied my MSI file to the c drive.  I then navidated to the C drive by doing a CD C in the command prompt

You can then open the MSI file, if the MSI file has spaces in the name you can either rename the file or put double quotes around the command in the command prompt

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