The Metaphorix blog is one week old!

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The Metaphorix blog celebrates is 1 week birthday.  It has been an energetic start with 15 posts, 16 if you count this one.

We have had 149 page views this week, which I think is pretty fantastic going.  Thanks for everyone who has stopped by to read the blog and please come back

The blog has also been added to the signatures of Metaphorix employees emails, so look out for that if you receive one.

I have also been posting links to the blog on the Metaphorix Facebook page, if you are curious to see what that looks like click here 

The blog is getting about because it has been added to the Metaphorix linkedin profile, which you can read here

I have also been tweeting the blog message and lots of other interesting things, so I highly recommend you subscribe to the Metaphorix tweeter feed @meta_tweets

The twitter feed is also growing in followers and we now have 46 followers

I was looking at my own google searching statistic and currently if you type in metaphorix into google this Metaphorix blog is on page 14. 

Although my CRM 2011 blog which is an excellent blog if you are interesting or using CRM 2011 comes in at 4th on the first page with this blog entry

So all the numbers are on the way up at the moment and in the future when more Metaphorix employees contribute to the blog, the blog will be home to some fantastic blog posts

Click here to visit the Metaphorix homepage to see how Metaphorix uses Microsoft Dynamics CRM and NAV and other products and services.

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