CRM 2011 – hiding the get started panes

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After you have installed CRM 2011 by default you will see the get started pane taking up quite a lot of the available screen.  The help pane is only really useful for complete novice users and maybe System Administrators who need to import some data.

This actually doesn’t seem very likely because not really likely to want all user to start trying to import data.

It does have other useful information which changes depending on which area you are, e.g. so if you are in leads it will offer instructions about converting leads and detecting duplicates.

help pane 

After a couple of days you will soon get bored of constantly minimising this pane.  The good news is you can easily turn it off and disable it.  I found a blog entry with instructions on how to turn it off here

To turn it off as an individual user

Go to File – Options – General Tab and uncheck the box for “Show Get Started panes on all lists”

get started panel

Remove the Get Started Panel for everyone

You have to have System Administrator priviledges.

Settings – Administration – System Settings – General Tab and mark off “No” for the first question of “Show Get Started panes on all lists for all users”


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