Information about SQL Optimisation

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Many of organisations will be running your systems on an SQL server and may not have a Database Administrator (DBA) to look after it. Many Organisations may not be taking active steps to check that the SQL server is running as efficiently as possible. Normally SQL server will do its best to keep itself running efficiently but as time passes and the database grows, more active involvement is required to keep the database running at its best performance.

There is lot of material available around SQL optimisation but sometimes this can be overkill.  Below we cover some important points about SQL that you might want to bear in mind.

• Make sure your backups / restore process is working.

• Make sure you’re familiar with what your backup / restore options are.

• Optimise your database manually (File – Database – Information – Tables – Optimise).

• Optimise your database automatically (SQL Server maintenance plans – training material + documents).

• Remember the requirement to keep your hardware and operating systems up to date (The Microsoft support limitations).

Metaphorix offer a chargeable service where we undertake the SQL server optimisation on your behalf. We can help set up a maintenance plan and periodically check the plan is working. We could also send email notifications to your server.

Metaphorix can also provide technical briefing and reminder sessions on the above and a dedicated session on the Dynamics NAV roadmap specifically in relation to Microsoft compatibility with hardware, operating systems and Office Suite. This would be a free half-day seminar at our office or we could do separate chargeable SQL training tailored to your needs

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